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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I Can’t Be Out of Money . . .

 I still have checks!
Once upon a time, that exclamation about summed up my understanding of my bank account. However, late fees became expensive tutors reminding me  I could not spend more than I had – except when I tried [often unsuccessfully] floating a check or two.  My banker dad disabused me of the wisdom of this wishful thinking. So did the mail: a check returned with NSF (nonsufficient funds) emblazoned on a check was embarrassing.  Now e-mail arrives pronouncing my financial mismanagement.

Sigh . . . How I live my life depends on how much money I know I can get my hands upon.  I [still] understand the limits of debt I can incur, for I understand what I can afford to repay – there is a bottom line. And we’ve paid for the privilege of ignoring it! 
Now it seems our government can’t come to terms with its bottom line. We want to do so many good things – and surely feeding, housing and educating our citizens who need a helping hand are wise and good decisions. So, too is helping the elderly and infirm. However, now we are all at the trough. (Cost of the feed)

It seems I now owe fifty-thousand bucks or there about for the government's programs. So does my husband, our children, each of their kids, and you, too, gentle reader.  And this debt is not a one-time bill.

Writing an overdraft sounds so much nicer than kiting bad checks sounds if I blow the budget, and the bank account.  Can it be our government is exclaiming, “We can’t be out of money . . . We still have checks!” 

·      Or, do our leaders know about checks coming into the treasury that we do not –like, we don’t have to worry about owing this much because we are getting a check for triple the amount from income or products we are producing -- that we don't know about?
·      Or, could the US be on the verge of running through the money its citizens and businesses in fact have? (See Mrs. Thatcher’s comment)

I want my elected leaders to tell me how they can plan to get us out of debt, and on a solid footing of incurring no more debt than we can reasonably repay. (I am repeating myself here.) Doug and I have had to do that; maybe you have too. And I would like to see a discussion, a bi-partisan, American loving, common-sense discussion that tells me what they need us to do in plain language – the plainer the language, the better.  

  •             Who is paying for the healthcare? 
  •             And how much will it cost whom? 

The next several months promise many more debates over how and who will pay for the “Affordable Care Act.”  I haven’t read it – nor have I read the Supreme Court’s rendering of its constitutionality.  What I know about it is too frequently connected to the last opinion piece I read.  And I am reading opinions expressed on Real Clear Politics.com and FactCheck.org.   Radio talk shows and TV pundits rarely help me understand if in fact the emperor has new clothes, or is still standing there buck naked.

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