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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Trucks Fly Today in Dallas

And they flew on the wings of angry tornados’ winds – some which were clocked at 100 mph. (Reports of damage) We anticipated thunderstorms, but because of our morning’s work, we missed the news and were shaken to learn four tornados had been sighted within thirty miles of our home.  By the end of the afternoon, perhaps twelve twisters  touched down!

This is the third or fourth tornado scare in six years– and we were here for “Rita’s” threats to the Gulf coast as well. So, we should be somewhat accustomed to it -- but no.

Our little home, although old, is well built and able to withstand many of Texas’ weather challenges. So, too, were many of the homes that splintered under the force of wind and flying debris – rubbish that included an eighteen-wheeler. 

Can you imagine how those folks feel who lost all their possessions while hunkered down in a bathtub – hoping to be spared   a violent death, praying to protect the little children huddled beneath them?  

Tonight as I listened to people who had lived through minutes of utter terror recount what they did – find a windowless room, away from outside walls, and cover themselves if possible with a mattress; they followed directions because they believed their lives could depend upon the precautions they took.  Mercifully, it appears many folks were spared death and injury.

Why is it that we can follow directions so well when we are told a tornado is coming, and so rebellious when offered a way of escape for our eternal souls? 

Today’s storms reminded me how all of a sudden life can change . . . God makes His appeal through nature and through Scripture. But too many of us prefer our own way – and we leave the children entrusted to our care wandering loose when the storm warnings are blaring. 

God has given us shelter – another chance. How many times must He make the offer? My favorite choir, the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir, asks how many times He must show us His love.  Please click the link and enjoy this song – but don’t wait until tomorrow. Tomorrow you may face something bigger and more unexpected that than a flying 18-wheeler!   

This week Christians will remember the gift God gave so that we might escape the death our sins have earned.  Friday we will count the cost, and Sunday we will celebrate our freedom.  (Isaiah 53)  But don’t wait until Sunday!

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Lynette said...

Oh, how true is the song. Thanks for sharing. I am so grateful you and Doug survived the storms/twisters! God is good.