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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Can I Afford Not to Vote?

April Fool’s Day  is not a favorite day for me.  Probably because I am never clever enough to pull off a convincing prank, I remain obtuse enough to be fooled repeatedly, and therefore do not like the mirror this day affords. But the reminder of how easily I can be fooled, and how willing remains a timely one.

I finished reading a book (better described as a pamphlet) by Andy Andrews, How Do You Kill Eleven Million People: Why Truth Matters.  (Electronic edition) It is an expensive choice of reading material – but its content provides valuable insights – You have a mind – USE it! The real purpose of the book is to get readers to answer that question for ourselves. (Page 49)

Come on over to my NEW autumn's garden to see how I update the review of an important book:http://autumns-garden.com/citizenship-is-no-joke/

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