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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

News from the Garden 2012

 Any color geranium makes me happy; but red ones are my favorite. I don’t remember when or why exactly they are so pleasing. No one I knew growing up grew them. Somewhere along the line, however, their jolly colors made me smile.

Is it daydreams of thatched English cottages they invoke?  Or memories of our trips to Southwest Harbor Maine they ignite?

Whatever connection they make, they evoke joy.

 Gladly I paid the purchase price for this year’s hanging basket; carefully I am tending it so that its glory will not wilt too quickly in Texas heat and sunshine.

I can report that the freesia bulbs I thought the squirrels devoured survived their foraging and the winter.  They bloomed even as the winter pansies faded away for the very reason the bulbs thrived – Not much cold weather!

Moreover, the Christmas bulb – the late bloomer – flourished outside, and gives every sign of blooming perhaps in a few weeks?

The roses are also returning, having endured a severe pruning the end of February.

And the square patch of earth that has heretofore appeared scraggly is yielding full and luscious colors – than for now delight.

This year I mean to properly plant my pink flamingo plant stands – with something that will withstand the heat or drought.   Can you spot them in the photo of yard? Maybe a lush pink elephant ear caladium will appropriately draw attention to their whimsical design? Though they are one step removed from tacky – barely -- they too make me smile.

A garden is a good thing – this one that was so well-established before is a humbling delight.  So many others have made it possible for me to putz about and get a great deal of credit for something in which I play a small part.

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