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Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Up early this morning, I thoroughly enjoyed a leisurely pace – putzing – and settled down to inscribe and address a stack of recently purchased birthday cards for friends whose birthdays occur in the next few days.  Carefully selecting them, I anticipated a few moments reflecting about the people and how they have been a blessing in my life, most for many years. I slowly reached for my coffee . . .

And overturned the blasted cup all over the dining room table!

·      Do you know how much coffee is in one little old mug?

·      Do you know how far that half-cup can reach on a Monday morning? 

Every single card got baptized!  (So did the newspaper, my Bible study guide,  some books and a couple of placemats. ) Hustling into the kitchen, retrieving towels, I moped up the mess – assisted by  my wonderful husband who sprang to attention when he heard me yell: “Tell me I did not just do that!”

Happy Monday.

Now stained with coffee, and drying out on the stove top, the cards no longer are fresh and cheery salutations; they look weary and worn.

Dare I send them? 

 On the one hand – a few were one of a kind; on the other, so are the people to whom they are going – new friends and old, family and in-law, all dear, and each unique.  A few might think the coffee stains were an intentional part of a new paper pattern – but most friends would see the creepy patterns now adorning the envelopes, and the return address and know exactly what happened!

Alas – among its other excellent properties, the fresh, hot coffee sealed too many of the envelopes too firmly – rendering them decorated but useless.

However, the upside is I was nowhere near the computer this time when I overturned my coffee!

·       Bad is never good until worse happens.  ~Danish Proverb

·      Every path hath a puddle.  ~George Herbert, "Jacula Prudentum"

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