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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Summer’s Passing

I didn’t get the great American novel finished, or started. Nor did I leave myself without projects for the fall and coming winter. 

Summer 2013’s concluding moments approach – three days or three weeks, depending how I reckon it. It began in the aftermath of a terrorist bombing in Boston, and amidst a stunt – walking across the Grand Canyon.  Being with our kids and their little ones was the delight of this season – a bout with pneumonia, its weeds.  

An Inheritance?
Regrettably, I fell behind in one project that is a big job – one that I self- assigned: completing journals for the grandkids. My friend Lynette gave me the idea – and have composed many thoughts, prayers and ideas for each, but too many remain unwritten.

Good people leave an inheritance to their grandchildren . . . (Proverbs 13:22; Isaiah 59:21)

Ann Voskamp explained why such a journal may lend a hand to grandchild reading my humble thoughts decades after they crossed my heart:

. . . I write for the woman who wants to unwrap her life again, for the man who wants to reorient again, for the boy on the brink of leaving again, to remind him of Whose he is and the one love story that will always save him. . . (When You’ve Messed Up 1,000 Things  )

So, I went back to those journals this morning – took a picture of the assignment thus far, and hope that one day each colorful copybook finds it way into the hands of these dear human beings who have an anchor into my heart.

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