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Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Cost of Ownership

Time lost is too rarely realized as an irreplaceable gem until it is long gone from its setting.  A downside of our recent yard sale was the growing awareness that managing my stuff foreclosed being with people: no time to dally over coffee, take a long walk, shoot the breeze, or ask a question. No, I had to be about hauling, sorting, discarding, keeping, selling repositories of my memories, while the most valuable commodity I had – time with folks I love – slid away.  A hidden price of my treasures cost me time with my husband, a conversation with my daughter; the cost kept me from listening to my son, watching my grandchildren, and calling a friend. If I had known this unseen but real cost of all the possessions –  slated for disposal – would I have been so ready to buy? 


Lynette said...

Precious memories!!! I love the chair. I walked into the new room and said to myself, "that's no chair from Ikea". I was right.
I have a very difficult time getting rid of my "stuff". What will I ever do when I sell my house????

bwsmith said...

Hi Friend!
You will dispose of stuff that no longer serves you, praying God enables you to bless others with the blessings HE has permitted you and me to enjoy.

easier said than done, I fear. :(