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Saturday, August 1, 2009


 We moved; uprooting ourselves from “the Free state,” we transplanted ourselves in the Lone-Star state, thinking we would return to Maryland. So far, the move has lasted four years – almost to the day. We have found good soil here: Texas has a “can-do” spirit I admire. Family and friends have tended us well here, and we flourish in many ways – grateful for our marriage, our health and our work here.

But, just as transplanting flowers late in the season is risky, our move may be risky.

To read more, would you uproot yourself gentle reader and go to About Me? I am tilling some new Ground.


cpo said...

Congratulations on creating your first blog! I for one am glad you have been transplanted to the lone star state :)


Mom said...

I'm so glad you created this blog! I look forward to checking in regularly to be blessed by your thoughts. :-)