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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Blog Neigbors

Moving into a new blog is a lot like moving into a new (old) house – which is what I am doing.
Though now I am very much alone in the house, we hope to make it a home, nestled on a charming street of equally attractive cottages; the street one of several in an attractive community – which is a part of growing metroplex, linked in expanding ways to the wider world. For now, though, as I walk through our house’s comfortably proportioned rooms my flip-flops echo – that’s empty they are!

In someways that sound is how this new blog adventure feels. When I check it through the day, as I do the house, it seems lonely – though I am grateful for those who stop by. When I click on my interests, favorite movies, music and books, though, I see I am often in the company of an astonishing number of souls. For example, I am one of 14,600 bloggers who enjoy needlepoint; one of 139,000,000 who love reading – and almost as many who enjoy painting: 137,000,000. Trying to meet the neighbor in these communities seems as daunting as trying to meet individuals in the DFW Metroplex.

I can knock on the doors of some bloggers who enjoy _The Prodigal God_; there are, as of today, fourteen in this community. And I find only three neighbors enjoy the Brentwood Jazz Quartet. Alas, for now, this blogasphere doesn’t know of Joni Eareckson Tada – a fellow former Marylander; she has persevered and blessed millions – with her writing, painting and music. Here’s an introduction from YouTube: here's Joni!
I hope many will want to be her neighbor in this amazing community!

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