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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Election 2014 – Midterms

Congratulations to the winners, and condolences to the also-rans. The voters spoke again – well, those who showed up to vote.  The sad news is perhaps only 38% of the population turned out.

You non-voters could have really upset all the prognosticators – and made them rethink their tealeaves! But you didn’t. Did you think all their punditry discounted your one little old vote? For those who did not stir their stumps, shame on you! 

And now for all you winners – some of whom were my choices – watch what you say today -- which might mean check your heart, and think about the bigger picture!

Think about all the people who voted – and those who skipped the ballot box, who still do not understand the power and privilege and responsibly  they could have exercised. 

Remember you exultant winners you have been given an opportunity to serve more than your own constituency – you have nothing to lord over anybody! Nor should you fear the media who may want you to fail.     

Finally, unless we all learn to listen to each other, no victory – however stunning – matters.   And unless we learn that, our national political, cultural and religious heritage, mixed bag that it is, is worth preserving, reforming and passing along to the next generation nobody won anything.

 The Presidential Debate-Round Two – My concerns have not changed.

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