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Friday, August 8, 2014

Alert: This is a Test!

When the periodic sound from a TV or radio jars me, I am quickly relieved to hear the voice that assures me – This is only a test. If this were a real emergency . . . as I settle back into the routine from which I had been jostled. (The Emergency Broadcast System)

Today’s news from Iraq, however is no “alert” and the American response is a test for Christians worldwide.  It is a real emergency for the world as well.
from Greta van Susteren 
Christ warned us in the last days to be armed with the word of truth, ready to serve the suffering, busy but guarded. (Matthew 24) So, also did Paul. (2 Timothy3) Yes, it is important to know what the Bible says about the end of times – and herein many Christians differ. Beware that our hair-splitting over theology may keep seekers wondering if there is GOD who is aware of the suffering, and cares.

People are now fleeing, as human beings, all who is not a Muslim, or the right kind of Muslim, are losing their lives – with gruesomeness too unspeakable to describe, what is our answer, Christian?  

Our words matter – so do our deeds – and especially our prayers.  (See Luke 11:1-13 for a pattern for prayer.)

  •  God help us, your church, to seek as You save the lost; to be steadfast, abiding in love and courage as the earth seems to give way under our feet. Through Christ we have a hope and a future – although You did say, in the meantime, we will have tribulation.  

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