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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Power of Pictures

"The Problem"* 
An energetic family of five cut in line in front of me last night as I was trying to lift a heavy suitcase onto the airport shuttle bus.  What information would a photograph of that have communicated?

·      Rowdy kids ignore struggling senior? Or,
·      Old lady impedes family from a timely departure?

As they pushed their way ahead of me, they brought to mind a dangerous current event. I thought of others who are bucking the line trying to get into the USA on our southern border. (Immigrants Flood Rio Grande Valley) Perhaps as many as sixty-five thousand people have cut in line in front of others who are patiently waiting for their American citizenship.  We do not understand who these illegal aliens are, or why they have come, or how we can effectively care for, or return them to their own countries.

We have a couple of issues here – people are inviting themselves into our country, and the government is tacitly endorsing it. And the media is not explaining well what is happening.The limited photographs are generating heat, and stoking passions as they record the illegal immigrants’ troubles and those who protest their arrival and dispersion into communities whose budgets are busting. But, real-time information about the crises is missing.

Why is this?

The press, who is good at manipulating public opinion with powerful photographs, is unwilling or unable to describe the issues behind the images. 

Is anyone stopping them from digging out the details?

Come on guys . . . a picture can be a more truthful communicator of what is happening – and possible solutions -- if you describe the context.   


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