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Saturday, April 5, 2014


My Rat-tled Buggy
It’s taken a few days to wrap my brain around what happened. A few days ago, I started my car and a yellow “Check Engine” sign flashed on, and would not turn off. I switched cars quickly with Doug and left him to cope with the problem – Thank you Doug!

When he was told what it was, both he and I were flabbergasted.

Rats had chewed through the electrical harness of my car.

(Oh, have I not mention rats are a problem in our neighborhood? That’s another story. And yes, Doug’s car go will for a check-up!)

Rodents wreaking havoc under the hood is not uncommon, whether one’s car is parked in the open or in a garage.  Repairing the damage will be expensive and time-consuming; we hope between our insurance and pest control policies, we may enjoy some financial relief – Thank God for people who know what to do! And thank you God neither of us were on a major highway when the electrical connection failed!

Imagining nasty critters furtively feasting on the engine parts of my car is unsettling. But it’s a good visual for how I feel about what’s going on in the world, our nation and the ever-unpredictable adventures in the “Golden years.”  If the car’s problems are a metaphor, something is gnawing at our collective common sense and our national engine’s light is warning us to get it checked!  And aging sure seems like a race against keeping the rats out of my chassis and the squirrels out of my brain!

Remaining vigilant so that we do not again provide a feeding opportunity for whatever it is that has a taste for auto-innards is a skill and duty we must both acquire.  God willing, we both can stay on duty, minding our habits, attitudes, and words – it’s privilege often denied to many. I’m just glad for the Mechanic who promised to remain on duty, and knows what to do when all the connections I take for granted fail.   Isaiah 46:3-5


Thank to my friend Marty whose question generated the title, when she heard about this mess: “Are you rat-tled?”

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