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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Another Marvelous May Morning in Texas


Wow . . . Lush and green are like synonyms.  The roses still are arresting my breath; we have enjoyed an abundance of them this season; even the winter pansies have continued blooming. This morning -- the weeds look good!

Gardening chores are a welcome relief given today’s headlines, or too much information on BBC world news: a newsreader dispassionately reports slaughter, chaos and more violence. 

Our Lord has written the promise of the resurrection not in words alone, but in every leaf in springtime. --Martin Luther

But . . . shortly the plants and I will be HOT and dry! And as summer stomps out the bright freshness of this season’s garden, this morning will be a happy recollection.

The wordless evangelist across the street is enjoying this morning also – as if the sunshine and breezes are making her laugh, even though two pockets of dead branches blemish her.  I can’t get too far from the certainty; disability and death are always the context of what is delightful. 

This twosome is the ruin ever-circling my autumn’s garden. 

It is important to speak of suffering and death in a way that dispels fear. Indeed, dying is a part of life. - Pope John Paul II in Austria: Message to the sick and suffering June 1998

When the cancer that later took his life was first diagnosed, Senator Richard L. Neuberger remarked upon his "new appreciation of things I once took for granted--eating lunch with a friend, scratching my cat Muffet's ears and listening for his purrs, the company of my wife, reading a book or magazine in the quiet of my bed lamp at night, raiding the refrigerator for a glass of orange juice or a slice of toast. For the first time, I think I actually am savoring life. _Better Homes and Gardens_

Providentially, I read separate blog pieces that are grand weed-killers,  powerful antidotes for fear and grief. May I commend them?    

 . . . My problem with euthanasia is not that it is a immoral way to die, but that it has its roots in a fearful way to live. (Dying and Euthanasia)

. . . For those who may, this day, be fearing the dark and feeling lost... there is a light shining in the darkness... trust it... follow it... there is safe harbor there for your souls. (A Light for the Darkness)

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