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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A First

A friend invited us to the Dallas Opera; for weeks, I anticipated seeing the whole production that includes a favorite aria: Nessun Dorma. I came to love the music from a YouTube performance by Paul Potts.  No, my grasp of opera is at best, limited.

Doug printed out the libretto – and I read up on the narrative and wondered how such a grim story could produce such wonderful melodies.  Turandot and all the characters had serious issues!  It would never make a good Disney movie. Even though the guy got the girl – what a guy, and what a girl! Talk about dysfunction!  

Unfortunately, I read the review of the first night's performance shortly before we were supposed to leave for the matinee – the critic in the Dallas Morning News; Scott Cantrell was not enthusiastic, describing many points in the production and performance that went over my head – but his comments dulled my enthusiasm.  My impression was now that it would be incompetent and substandard. 

 Perhaps it was on the night he saw it; maybe that production was disappointing – but the performance we saw was charming – more than competent – and enjoyable. (As long as I didn’t think about the meaning of the words that were being sung.) In Italian, the words sounded mighty, noble, romantic – thrilling. Reading them in English, I kept thinking – “Seriously, did she just say that?”

All in all, my first opera experience was wonderful, nonetheless. While I can’t say I will become an aficionado  -- I admire the talent and discipline of so many artists and musicians who managed to engage our attention, while telling a tale of betrayal, revenge, murder, suicide and narcissism.  It was like “Dallas” in Italian.   

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