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Tuesday, June 26, 2012


As world, national and local TV devolves, I switched to watching cooking, travel and home improvement shows. (Or, my brother-in-law urges watching the golf channel.) Heretofore, the home shows or cooking shows were a respite from 24/7 cable news of the reality of a world going its own way. But too few cooks are truthful about the caloric cost of their creations. (Or, how many hours of exercise their tasty treat will cost!) And now, HGTV’s House Hunter’s has been revealed as a hoax!  It seems the productions are filled with as much hooey as some newscasters I’ve stopped watching. (Info.)

Truth be told, though, I am just as likely to cut corners -- prevaricate – and obfuscate stuff as all the entertainment and news producers may do; smoke and mirrors aren’t limited   to magicians. Writing as a daily routine reveals my penchant to put myself in the best possible light.

My friend Solomon was quicker at spotting man’s pretenses than I am – which is why Ecclesiastes is a handy personal compass in these uncertain times – when so much is not as it seems, and nobody seems embarrassed or contrite about getting caught behaving badly – myself included.

Recently, I’ve been reading through Psalms – words of worship written through all kinds of times – Solomon knew these songs. Maybe their wisdom goaded him to conclude Ecclesiastes as he did: Don’t waste any opportunity to know and grow up in God, before you grow old and can’t. (Ecclesiastes 12)

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