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Thursday, June 2, 2011

How do I know I am entering my second childhood?

·               Lunchtime excites me  – because I know nap time surely follows. 
·               Walks around the neighborhood take longer as I see more things to stop and gaze upon – flowers, leaves, and patterns in concrete.
·               Lightning bugs on a summer night make me happy.
·               I don’t understand why so many folks are in such a hurry. I once knew.
·               The world no longer looks like such an oyster  . . . anyway, I am allergic to  mollusks.  

Come, thieving time, take what you must,
Quickness to move, to hear, to see,
When dust gathers near to dust,
Such diminutions need must be,
But leave, O leave, exempt from plunder,
My sense of humor, curiosity, and wonder.

-Anonymous poem, from 93 year-old lady, given to her pastor in Washington church

This charming quote I gleaned from http://www.christiansquoting.org.uk/

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