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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Home – Again.

Early in December we returned to our former home in Maryland to celebrate Christmas and the new year, leaving our current home in Texas. While there, we camped out in an apartment we had formerly used, and so felt quite at home. Time passed too fast – and we left before we could see so many dear friends and family. Oh! For the time to catch up with no interruptions.

Every trip reminds me a bigger trip home awaits – one my mind can’t fully comprehend. It’s a trip that scares me as much as it thrills me. No interruptions – and all the time in the world to be with God, and reconnect with those who went before me. I believe there is one way to get to that Home – many I know and love, do not. They have chosen their own paths.

But to everybody I love – I hope you will hear my heart’s song for you, expressed through Cindy Bauchspies' wonderful music, Peaceable Kingdom. 


(Picture information: Sheep Going Home by Sue Campion)

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