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Friday, January 28, 2011

American Idol -- Sucked In – Early

I am in, when I thought such an admission would never be mine. For the past two years, we’ve tuned in at the end of the season, watching the final contenders for "American Idol." But last night I taped it, intrigued by the few minutes I saw – so many people who went to great lengths to show their talent in hopes of fame and fortune. I watched the remainder today and again was impressed by how hard most contenders tried, and how decisive but mellow the judges seemed, and how differently the ones who were turned away from a trip to Hollywood behaved. Some took it in stride, many cried, a few railed against the judges – and a couple swatted at the invasive cameras. Everybody seemed to have supportive families.

I don’t know much else about this decade plus phenomena – but the episode last night, the one with the fiance who entered to win for his fiancee who was unexpectedly and horribly injured in an accident before their wedding was the hook. His wining would make her happy again – and the judges extended their good wishes to her in her recovery.

How hard they all worked to make a good showing – to earn their spot, and receive recognition for their talent – singing. Thousands times thousands of competitors showed up just for the opportunity to be judged, again and again.

I got to thinking: I wonder . . . what if I took a cue from my fellow Americans and

1. I took the talents I have, apart from singing, and fought for the right to have them judged?

2. I valued the judgment of my services by the poor and needy as highly those who received the professionals’ judgments?

3. I was as excited to perform for Christ as those contenders were to face Steve Tyler, Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson?

Wow . . . I wonder where I could be at the end of the season?

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