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Monday, September 29, 2014

And Now for a Music Review

They led the morning worship, and returned to perform in an evening concert – a two and one-half hour  performance. Shortly into the evening’s concert, it dawned on me, this might just be a tiny taste of heaven – albeit a spoonful.

According to Tim Zimmerman, the leader, the venue was a great aid in making beautiful music;  the sanctuary is brass-friendly, and the artists were able to surround us with music from the stage, the sides and from an upper balcony; what’s more,  they liked the organ at Park Cities Presbyterian Church, Dallas. 

If heaven is for real – and I hope it is -- than the concert was a delicious foretaste brimming with joy, joviality and reflection; plus, masterful music:  Worship led by musicians who literally surrounded us with trumpets and other brass and percussion, inviting us to join in, expressing our love of God.  Their joy was infectious, and their stamina, splendid.  If you missed it, you missed a good meal! 

Here's a taste -- Enjoy!

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