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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Irene on the Morning After

She was huge – hundreds of mile long and wide -- and moved slowly. She spawned wind and rain which downed trees and flooded already saturated rivers and streams, a few of which will crest in a few days. Her fury ended least ten lives.

Cable news had little else to talk about; only streaming news testified that life elsewhere from the East Coast of the USA continued – full of the same conditions and conflict that so gripped the reports 48 hours earlier.  Life is hard; may I not forget that God is good even in the midst of hurricanes and harm.
I stayed glued to the TV in fear for the lives of those I loved – I got up at three this morning just to check the weather channel.

I’d like to say I am as anchored to the Scriptures and sound preaching that faithfully forth-tell God’s news.  But, no.  

For the deliverance, thus far God has enabled – thank you Lord; Irene lost lots of her  power when she slammed into North Carolina and Virginia, and her eye never re-formed. (a CNN weather report) A front pushing from the west also diminished Irene's westward push.   Yet she was destructive.  I mourn for those who have lost and may yet lose life and property.

Many who could, followed instructions and evacuated, believing the forecasters  -- even the ones who were standing in the midst of the storm visually contradicting their dire verbal descriptions.  Today they have their lives, through much loss. (Jeremiah 45:5)

Several reporters were candid when queried why they appeared not to have the sense to come in from the rain – they get paid to stand in harm’s way so if the unimaginable happens, we will be the first to see it, over and over, and over again.  (Not an exact quote)

I am not paid to report the biblical forecast. But my source has been  reliable.  

Thanks again for all your prayers – may we give all we can to those who are serving those who are suffering in Irene’s  path.  I am praying for you.

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