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Monday, June 11, 2012

Texas Touring

I am glad I gave myself such a cheerful pep talk about being grateful this morning. 

Yes indeedy.

“’Cuz I got myself royally lost on the way back from DFW airport shortly before noon.

Gratitude and panic are not simpatico – and I am prone to freak when I don’t know where I am going . . . in a car. 

Everything is under construction in Dallas – or so it seems to me. No sooner do I figure out a route, BAM! The landmarks are torn down, and today – by the airport, miles of roads look like they have been rerouted. Whatever happened to the turnoff to return to Dallas from the airport was not obvious to me, so I turned  chose another path – a choice I   made while traveling in excess of 50mph, surrounded by big cars whose drivers were on cell phones. Immediately my error was apparent --  I was on a one-lane road amidst major road construction, headed to Grapevine Texas.

I took the first chance to get on a known road – 635, or LBJ Freeway. Was I going east or west? Ah, I see a cut off to a road I know: Royal Lane. But then I had to choose: North or South?

Why oh why don’t I spend as much time looking at maps as I do facebook?

I reached for the GPS, stored neatly in the glove compartment – and was able to program in where I wanted to go: HOME.  It showed me the way, but couldn’t help when I missed my turn.  

Yes, it was quite an adventure, all on a day when the temperature soared.   

“Getting lost is just another way of saying 'going exploring.”
Justina Chen Headley, North of Beautiful

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