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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Purposeful Packing

Good packing requires adept projection, confidence that the destination has laundry capability and drugstores, and a willingness to wear (unsoiled) clothes more than once.   Such packing is an art form I’ve never mastered – although I have improved.  Unfortunately, unpacking in Maryland, I realized I packed too much of some items and forgot one or two essentials. Unpacking now in Texas, I see clearly I overestimated the time I could have had to read, wear dress slacks and put on make-up – and I forgot my daughter does have a washing machine and dryer that is operational 24/7!   

When I arrived in Maryland two weeks ago, I arrived with a new suitcase held together with packing tape. One zipper on an outside compartment failed as I stuffed in a pair of shoes; its twin failed in the check-in line at Southwest at Love Field, temperature 95 degrees, when I wanted to added just one little old shift. Clearly, I added one item too many. But it was not over limit. However on the return trip, the replacement lighter weight suitcase weighed three pounds over the 50 pound limit, and for that I paid a whopping $50!

Go figure – so much for agreeing to put all the dirty clothes in my bag.  

We had ten days caring for our grandchildren – and these days flashed by with hugs, giggles, a few tears – and grubby faces, feet and fingers.  I didn’t pack enough get-up-and-go, and clearly ran out of strength.   But, friends of the family stepped up and provided hands-on help – and their kindness gave welcome breathing space and loving diversions when longing for mommy and daddy threatened tiny hearts. 

And I came home with way more than three pounds of love, joy and delight.  To see the loving bonds between our kids and their kids is a weighty treasure, and have any part in the happy milieu of both families is glorious!  I am so glad that can’t be measured – or taxed!   

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Sounds like a priceless time together!