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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Floaters and Flashers, or

How the Sideward Glimmer of Flashing Worms Got My Attention.

I know a few folks who have coped with loss of their sight. Each person’s loss was unique, from a cicatricial pemphigoid to macular degeneration; from inoperable cataracts to retinitis pigmentosa. Until just today, I never thought about my eyesight being disabled.

My husband had endured a tear in his retina, and my mother’s retina had detached unexpectedly. So, the flashing lights to the left of my field of vision got my attention, when the swooping and darting dark flashes – that I thought was a large dark moth – had not. These new companions waited out the night and greeted me first thing in the morning – but disappeared right after I secured an appointment for an examination. He said: As long as they dissipate – or disappear – I can avoid the pleasure of meeting a retina specialist.

Bright light doesn’t make one see more clearly if the eye’s pupil can’t constrict. I didn’t think about blindness until I emerged into Texas sunshine, from having my eyes dilated during the appointment. I shut my eyes, having no sunglasses and felt a wave of helplessness, not being quite sure what to do next.

Shortly, however, the drops wore off, and I could see.

The floaters and flashers returned briefly, as if to remind me – too many are the blessings I assume are mine to keep. Life, heath, sight, hearing – strength are not givens. Then the floaters and flashers departed – for now.

And if they visit you, dear reader – call the doctor. They are probably nothing more than shifting of vitreous within your eye – but they might not be.

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