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Friday, April 22, 2011

Another Beating Caught on a Cell-phone

Was this a prank?
Was it real?

You can go to the Drudge Report and see it for yourself.

It doesn’t matter on one level who the victim is, indeed who the bully is, so much as the inescapable fact: one person filmed it while perhaps a half-dozen people watched and kibitzed, expressing opinions – for at least eight to ten minutes.

It could have been a flashback to Germany in the 1930's – or the rural South in the same time period. In this clip, in a McDonald’s fast-food restaurant in America, a white woman brought down the wrath of two or three black women – and men stood by watching; one older woman tried intervening as the victim was dragged by her hair to the door, and savaged again.

Unidentified voices shooed away the attackers before the police arrived; the persistent cameraman recorded the beating victim in a seizure.

I watched others watch a beating victim go into seizures; I heard the observers remark she was seizing and bleeding – but the cameraman recorded no one assisting.

Pay back is costly.

If this was a prank, staged for an internet audience, it is a dreadful commentary on who or what we are, that this is “entertainment.”

If this actually happened – and no one stopped it – then why are we so afraid of the “terrorists?”

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