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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Marking the Advent of Advent

Less than 25 days until Christmas, and I felt convicted how far I’ve wandered from disciplined study of Scripture. It’s so pleasant sipping the first cup of coffee and meandering through email, Facebook, and of, course reading a few devotional that land in the in-box.  By the time I do that – it’s time for breakfast, and then the day begins, and off I go on another day’s adventure.

But this morning, I clicked on a favorite blog, “Living with Flair,” and was reminded that disciplined devotions need not be onerous. (Simple Bible Reading Plan ) I followed her suggestions – and refreshed -- then picked up A Book of Days for Christians. Richardson Wright, its author, began his devotional with December 1 – this year the first Sunday in Advent. He directed me to Deuteronomy 34 – 12 poignant verses describing what Moses saw at the end of his life, “gazing out over the Promised Land which because of grievous sin, he could not enter. (Numbers 20)

What did he do? He didn’t trust in God enough to honor Him as holy in the sight of the Israelites – a bunch of people who whined, complained, rebelled and were all-round stinkers.

So, I guess this is the take-away for me today:

“We too stand on a Mount Pisgah, today looking over the plains and peaks of another Christian year, on which we are living.” (Wright, page 13)

Given my foray into Psalms and Proverbs, I gleaned again simple instructions:

·      Stay out of dangerous places – not just literal, but emotional and spiritual places, too. (Psalm 1:1)
·      Depend on God to enable the strength and ability to do whatever is necessary to keep me safe. (Psalm 5)
·      Gain understanding and wisdom; this is a life long privilege – duty – and adventure. (Proverbs 1)

And for heaven’s sake, don’t let my frustration with other people’s conduct or conversations become an excuse for losing my temper!   

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