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Friday, April 5, 2013


Insight is the ability to see with our hearts beneath a matter and understand what is not clearly apparent. It is both a talent and a gift – some gain it quickly; others learn it slowly, and a few of us never seem to have it. It paves the way for wisdom – and that is both knowing and doing what is right. 

The problem for me now, is having finally developed a bit of insight, the world in which I live is redefining “right.” 

I am coming to recognize that Jeremiah knew a thing or two about our hearts, as unpleasant as his description was – my heart is deceitful and wicked. (Jeremiah 17:9-10) Even when I do the right thing, it’s often for the wrong reasons. But, what is right if everybody can decide for himself or herself what right is?

And what now is wrong? 

The honorable Congressman from Texas, Louis Gohmert, recently became the poster child for how hard it is to describe right and wrong, mixing up gun control, same sex marriages and bestiality. It’s as if too many sound bites from talk radio, the pulpit, and House floor speeches were whirling around his brain and splashed out of an open mouth, ruining any hope of a civil discussion of how to control guns and protect people’s rights, while limiting dangerous behavior. 

And what do I mean by dangerous?

Especially now in light of a new ruling that young women of any age can buy a morning after pill without their parents or doctors knowing. What could possible be dangerous or wrong with that? 

  • I think we risk becoming the best-informed society that has ever died of ignorance. ~ Ruben Blades 

Isaiah surely could see into the increasing confusion Americans face -- and his insight is keen:

What sorrow for those who say

that evil is good and good is evil,

that dark is light and light is dark,

that bitter is sweet and sweet is bitter. (Isaiah 5:20)

My ongoing prayer:

God grant me the serenity to accept the people I cannot change, the courage to change the one I can, and the wisdom to know it's me.
    ~Author unknown, variation of an excerpt from "The Serenity Prayer" by Reinhold Neibuhr

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