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Monday, October 15, 2012

I Want to Report a Robbery . . .

I said to the dispatch officer.

As we left for church this morning, I noticed something amiss in the driver’s seat – and then I saw that my brand new GPS was gone! Sometime in the previous twelve hours, a person opened our unlocked car door and helped him or herself to my shiny new gadget.  They also rummaged through Doug’s unlocked car, but found nothing.
The officer who arrived within five minutes was sympathetic, took our information and asked good questions; before leaving, she reminded us to lock up our cars even when we parked in our own driveway.  And no, ours was not the only report this weekend; some neighbors also reported their cars had been ransacked, but no thefts.

Someone took our external guidance device; their internal guidance device needs replacement – roaming about in the dark testing car doors to see who’s the easiest target is foolish.  Discovering in the daylight it was us, is embarrassing – especially after all my determination to be a better steward.   

May God bless the one who stole from us with contrition. And I pray that God makes me more careful! But maybe the satellite guidance system  – or the GPS leprechauns -- could deprive those crooks of any pleasure or profit? 

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Laura said...

I'm so sorry this happened to you!! I've had things stolen from my car too and its a hard lesson to learn to lock our doors. I hope the experience with the police was positive even with such an occasion...