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Monday, November 24, 2014


So seriously did I take the precautions to prevent flu this year, I beat a path to my doctor’s door when it was first available.  My reward? A dose of flu – I’ll spare you the symptoms, save one: My coffee tastes . . . like it has the flu, and reading the today’s headlines worsens my chills and shakes.
What This Bout With Flu Feels Like*
 Following suggestions for staying healthy—is not something I am going to stop doing. But getting sick after being conscientious seems an unfair reward. I still struggle with believing I am entitled to some kind of reward from the universe for commonsense behavior.  The people living in Ukraine, Iraq and Iran, the West African nations – our returning American vets – would be right to shout out to me: Snap out of it!

So feeling the inevitable pull of a pity party, I am refusing the invitation. But I wouldn’t mind a few cards or cartons of chicken soup . . . just kidding – the only plus side of this buggie is it wiped out my appetite.

Advent’s coming – pardon the repetition – and so too the reminder my God did not come for the healthy – but the infirm. 

Remembering, too, this is not 1918, I am grateful I wasn’t living then, and didn’t come down with the Spanish flu – a deadly pandemic disaster. Both my mother and father lived through it.

I am listening to John Rutter’s Christmas Album – and letting the beauty of the music wash through my mind, restoring hope – if not health.  Also I count my blessings, Doug, being #1.  

Things are never quite as scary when you have a best friend. ~Bill Watterson

How about you, dear reader – I hope, if darkness or pain or fear is incapacitating you, you will cry out; you will hear Christ’s call to you. (Mark 10:49) And don’t hang back from hollering to get His attention especially if you are in a good place. Praise is good medicine – more powerful than a vaccination.  

*Our portulaca succumbs to freezing temps -- that's looks like how the stupid chills felt! 

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