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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Character Flaws Revealed by My Irksome Behavior

I am annoying myself – a sign it’s time to make some changes. Now, when I see my kitchen doors left open and drawers half shut, I finally understand what drove my daughter nuts. I never noticed them until we skyped and I was showing her my kitchen. Sure enough there were a few doors, not just ajar, but standing wide open. She laughed, saying, “This sure is your kitchen!”

Why don’t I shut what I open?

First – I don’t think about it until I bang into the drawer or door; I say, I am not finished with removing or replacing what the drawer or cabinet, or closet holds. A valid reason until I realize the drawer or door has stayed opened over night.

In my dreams
A second explanation may be closer to the real reason: I still bristle at the advice of the centuries’ old motto, “A place for everything and everything in its place.”* I don’t want to do what everybody else says is common sense. Coming of age in the sixties, therein is the summation of many forks in the road of my life – but that’s a topic for another time.

However, though I excuse my habit as a time saver, leaving open what needs to be shut, doesn’t mean I am efficient – it may just mean I am not thinking about anybody else who uses the kitchen, or bath, or bedroom. And while I reject the conclusion I am lazy, maybe careless is accurate, I think, as I trudge out to the kitchen and shut the cabinets I left opened when I unloaded the dishwasher, maybe . . . I could be a bit more considerate of others --

Protruding drawers and doors can become accident enablers – doors or drawers upon which I whack my head or hip or shin. I haven’t actually walked into a door yet. But “yet” is the operative word. Now they annoy me because their silent testimony may show my habit of . . . energetic distraction is maybe – self-centerednes ?

* See the following link if you are a recovering English major, or have too much time on your hands: Meanings

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