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Thursday, October 1, 2009

My Life’s Reproofs:


Without these things, I can’t read, go anywhere, or be in touch. Two decades ago all I needed was my keys – which I did misplace infrequently. I thought mobile phones were an affectation and I didn’t need glasses. What a difference an accrual of days, weeks, months and years makes.

Misplacing these items burns up many of those minutes – even hours; searching for them ignites emotions ranging from annoyance to one-shade short of insanity. Yet, my disturbing inability to maintain control over them is a gentle reproof from God. In my mismanagement of small things  God reminds me what I can manage, by His grace: my emotions.

Tonight we are having new friends over for dinner – as usual, I put a few housekeeping chores off, counting on time that quickly slipped from my control when I had an unexpected decision to render on remodeling work. Then, I lost my cell phone somewhere between the work site and the food market.

Now what? I hurried back to the apartment to get dinner started. (Butter curry, btw)

Frustration reared – and words threatened to overflow my mind and mouth. I asked God to control me and my mouth.  When I did, I noticed my husband had kindly spruced up the apartment, including doing the dishes.  Depositing the groceries, starting the dinner, I decided to follow my daughter’s advice: breathe.

A friend,  Tamara Eaton, observes, “There is time enough to do God’s will.”  God’s will for me is to choose to be a wild woman or a gentle and contrite spirit, believing and acting like I trust Him, in all things especially when time is fleeting. So I had a little chat with myself.

OK, Barbara, consider this a little ride around a pleasant neighborhood;  I poured a coffee to go, retraced my steps, after a 30 minute adventure, from work site to grocery store I found my missing phone at the food market.

Losing my phone so far from home is a first. Usually I lose it in the house, my purse, or the car. Ah, the adventure home continues.

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